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Our ideology is simple; we don’t believe in restaurants paying to be top of the listings, we don’t believe in the bidding war that allows the bigger chains to outspend an independent for bookings.

Our rankings of restaurants are private and we book diners according to our scores, cross referenced with their own preferences for the specific booking. The only way for your business to influence the likelihood of receiving bookings, is for us to send secret diners to eat.

If your food is good, if your service is on-point, you’ll be reviewed accordingly and up in our rankings you’ll go…

There’s no bias, just judging you on the experience you provide.

At Social PA, we don’t believe in restaurants paying to be top of the listings and we don’t believe in the bidding war that allows the bigger chains with capital investment to outspend a smaller independent for bookings. Where we book our members to visit is strictly based on merit. We can give complete transparency to inform you how to increase the amount of diners we book with your establishment. With our secret diner programme, we charge a set fee to send diners to your establishment to get positive reviews. Any positive reviews will help inform us but only if the experience delivers accordingly. Are you confident your team is up to the challenge…?
Firstly, we immediately and anonymously book diners into your establishment. These diners remain completely anonymous; drinking, dining and settling their bill as normal. The diners are not outrightly told to keep within a spending limit, meaning there can be an immediate return on investment to our programme, even with a single reservation. Secondly, if the dining experience delivers the positive reviews and feedback that you’re hoping for, you will move up in our rankings and therefore receive more organic reservations from us.
Social PA classifies all restaurants by location, cuisine type and vibe/ambiance. We match our members\’ requests to these classifications and book accordingly. If any of these classifications receive negative feedback in regards to misclassification, this does not affect your ranking within our booking system, it only helps us reclassify your establishment to then appeal to an increased amount and/or different customer criteria.
We offer various budget options to accommodate businesses of different sizes. We only give advice on the number of diners we recommend you commit to through our Secret Diner Programme. You can choose to scale this up or down depending on your budget accordingly.

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