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Social PA is a business that simplifies the process of finding a restaurant for diners. It takes into account the diner\’s preferences and uses various sources of information, including menus, media and professional reviews, recommendations from other diners, and genuine public reviews to match the diner with a suitable restaurant for their evening.

To use Social PA\’s services, you can sign up on our website to a number of Subscription options. Once registered, you will be prompted to input your preferences, such as; time/date availability, cuisine type, location, ambiance, and any dietary restrictions. Based on this information, we will book a reservation at our suggested restaurant for you.

While Social PA considers reviews from various sources, it is not just a restaurant review website. We go beyond traditional review platforms and conduct our own secret diner program to ensure the quality and authenticity of the restaurants we recommend.

Social PA is committed to providing genuine and trustworthy information. We have implemented advanced algorithms and manual moderation to filter out fake reviews from our data sources. Additionally, our secret diner program allows us to assess the quality of the restaurants first-hand.

We are continually expanding our coverage to include more locations. Currently, we support reservations within 12 different London Boroughs.

The cost of using Social PA\’s service may vary depending on the package and level of assistance you choose. We offer different tiers of membership, each with its own set of features. You can find detailed pricing information on our website.

Yes, Social PA provides a convenient reservation service. Once you select your preferences through our platform, we can confirm a booking at our recommended location for you, using your chosen date and time.

Social PA uses a combination of factors, including your preferences, genuine reviews, and our secret diner program, to curate a list of recommended restaurants that we believe would suit your needs and tastes.

Yes, we highly encourage feedback from our diners. You can leave reviews and ratings for the restaurants you visit through our platform, helping us improve our recommendations and assisting your future selections, whilst also helping us make informed choices for other diners in the future.

Secret Diner

The Social PA Secret Diner Programme is an exclusive opportunity for passionate food enthusiasts to dine at various restaurants across London while having their bills reimbursed. Accepted applicants become Secret Diners and are encouraged to share detailed reviews of their dining experiences.
To apply, visit our website and locate the Secret Diner Programme section. There, you will find a link to the application form and instructions on how to submit your details. We welcome all food lovers to apply!
Our team wants a variety of tastes and individual outlooks. Of course we love fellow foodies, who genuinely enjoy dining experiences and have an interest in exploring London\’s culinary scene, but we want to welcome everyone we can into this programme, even those who put pineapple on their pizza! Our one request is being able to communicate articulately and have the dedication to provide detailed reviews.
If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email or message from our team, outlining the next steps and welcoming you to the Secret Diner Programme.
Currently, the Secret Diner Programme is exclusively available for restaurants across London. However, we may expand to other cities in the future, so stay tuned for updates.
The frequency of invitations may vary based on restaurant availability and your level of participation in the programme. We aim to provide a diverse and exciting dining experience for all our Secret Diners.
The Secret Diner Programme offers a wide range of dining experiences. You may get the chance to explore various cuisines, from casual eateries to fine dining establishments, and everything in between.
As a Secret Diner, your restaurant bills will be reimbursed by Social PA. The reimbursement amount depends on your level of status within the programme and the total bill value. We inform you of the reimbursement value before you dine – no skipping out on the check from us, promise! You will receive instructions on how to claim your reimbursement after confirming your review and feedback on each dining experience.
Yes, if you can’t find a date, take a mate! We want you to maintain anonymity and impartiality in your reviews, so it’s not something to publicise. Some exclusive events or occasions may mean we can only allow one attendee, but this will be made clear upon invite.
While it\’s not mandatory, we encourage our Secret Diners to share their experiences on social media if they feel comfortable doing so. Please ensure that your posts do not compromise the confidentiality of the programme.
Absolutely. Honesty is essential in our Secret Diner Programme. We encourage you to provide fair and constructive feedback in your reviews, whether positive or negative, to help restaurants improve their offerings, but also for us to adapt our bookings for other members.
There are no costs associated with being a Secret Diner. Your restaurant bills will be reimbursed as per the programme\’s terms and conditions
Yes, if your application is not successful initially, you are welcome to reapply in the future or for any subsequent intake periods.
Yes, you are free to withdraw from the programme at any time. Simply inform our team, and we will respect your decision.

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